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Looking for extra information on business recycling? If you’ve got a question, just enter it below to filter our frequently asked questions.

Why do I need waste and recycling services for my business?

Every business has to pay to have their confidential waste and other unwanted items disposed of, which business rates do not cover. As a business, there is a legal duty to dispose of IT equipment following an approval process, as well as there being a moral obligation to ensure your business is removing IT safely and with minimal impact on the environment.

Can Make IT Good work with my business?

We operate London-wide and can serve other parts of the UK too. We work with many corporate companies, businesses and organisations, providing the collections for large departments to ease the process of IT disposal.

How do I know Make IT Good is a trusted provider?

We have expert knowledge in following the processes involved in legally and safely disposing of unwanted IT equipment and can provide the correct legal documents for your business. We are a registered WEEE disposal business and have the required license to remove IT equipment.

What is IT refurbishment?

When IT equipment starts to slow down or not function as well, there is work we can do on it to bring it up to a good working standard or to get it working faster. We can sort out the niggles and have your hardware back to you, rather than you having to spend money on new equipment.

What equipment can you refurbish?

Pretty much anything. Laptops, Apple Macs, phones, tablets, IPads, a mouse, projector screen - anything you have we’ll collect.

There are other providers or a council service I can order instead. Why should I choose Make IT Good?

We make things easy by offering a flexible collection service and not only take the IT off your hands, but take the extra step of breaking your IT equipment down into its separate materials. This means that we’re very eco-friendly in comparison. We also help charities and not-for-profit groups that might have more limited budgets, by refurbishing IT equipment and selling it on to them at an affordable rate. This means it gets reused rather than ending up in landfill.

We’ll also provide you with the correct legal paperwork for your business to show it has taken the right steps to dispose of its IT.

How much really ends up in landfill?

We break down unwanted IT equipment into its separate components to ensure that each material can be recycled appropriately. This minimises the amount of material ending up in landfill, and increases the amount being recycled compared with other waste collection companies.

It’s in our best interests to ensure that the least possible amount is going into landfill.

How do the data protection laws affect me?

The Data Protection Act 2018, is a vital part of the business operations and underpins everything we do.

That’s why we are obligated to erase and permanently destroy every part of data from all IT components before we break down the materials. This also links to ensuring that no data is being held unnecessarily about customers and to ensure that any that is held is stored confidentially.

How much does it cost?

We provide competitive rates and will only charge for what we collect or for the base rate service. No hidden fees or extra costs - what you see is what you get.

Please contact us for a no obligation quote.

How environmentally friendly is Make IT Good?

Following the guidance and laws around WEEE waste management, our process works to follow these; recycling all of the materials taken from your IT equipment when it gets broken down, adding to the limited precious resources available to go towards making other products. Every fragment of material is stored to ensure it can be reused or recycled.

Why is it important to remove my devices from Apple Device Enrollment Programme (DEP)?

You will have enrolled your Apple devices into DEP to help with automated wireless device setup to save from having to do this manually. Before recycling your Apple devices, it’s important to remove them from the DEP.

If this is not done, personal data may continue to download when connected to the internet. This can happen even after erasing data from monitors and hard drives.

Make IT Good cannot check if an Apple device has been removed from the DEP, which is why it is important that our clients complete this first.

Not sure how to do this?

Here’s a link with simple instructions about how to do this:

Why am I being asked to provide my Bios Password?

Firstly, a Bios password is set up to create an added layer of security before your PC or laptop will boot up. It prevents somebody from getting in and finding sensitive data. If this has been set up, it means that Make IT Good will be unable to access your PC or laptop to sanitise and erase data effectively.

Simply provide your Bios password to lift the restricted access to clearing TPM and AMT settings.

If you don’t have your Bios password, get in touch with your computer’s manufacturer to check what it is.

Do you offer on-site media destruction services?

Make IT Good can offer an on-site media destruction service using our destruction facility, which is designed for this purpose. With this, we can arrange a destruction service for different types of media.

How do you sanitise data?

All Hard Disk Drives (HDD) which are 250GB or above will be erased using BLANCCO DRIVE ERASER 6.11.0 Most (NIST SP 800-88) for Mechanical Hard Drives, BLANCCO DRIVE ERASER 6.11.0 SSD Erasure for Solid State / Hybrid Hard Drives, and - Blancco Mobile Diagnostics and Erasure 4.4.4 for - Mobile Phones and Tablets.

Full accreditation details available upon request.

A certificate will be produced for every successfully erased hard drive to include the make, model and the serial number of the hard drive.

Any hard drive that fails the data erase process or is less than 250GB will be shredded on-site at Make IT Good.

All loose media is degaussed and/or shredded on-site at Make IT Good.

Does equipment have to be pre-packed or boxed?

It doesn’t need to be. Our team turns up with packaging and storage trolleys to load up your IT equipment and take care of the packaging and removal.

We have different ways of packaging the equipment to remove it safely and securely.

Do you impose minimum quantities of equipment for collection?

No, we can collect in any quantity! It can be anything from a laptop, phone screen, through to removal of IT hardware for a whole team. We can turn up with the right vehicle to suit the load you need to be taken away.

What areas do you cover?

We cover the whole of the UK including Ireland and Scotland.

How does GDPR affect the disposal process?

The principles of the EU GDPR are similar to the Data Protection Act, although there are more detailed and specific requirements and obligations with regards to data storage and data handling. Failure to comply with these new regulations will incur heavy fines and harsh penalties.

Make IT Good will ensure that your IT disposal and the process is fully compliant with GDPR regulations. This will give our customers peace of mind that all data will be handled and disposed of securely.

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