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We Don’t Treat Your Old Equipment As Scrap

Two million tonnes of IT equipment ends up in landfill every year. Damaged PC's, tablets, laptop screens, faulty keyboards, casings, hard drives, and phones all form part of the ever growing e-waste.
Every ounce of this waste is harming our environment. The embedded chemicals release harmful emissions over time adding to global warming and damaging people’s health. Changing our behaviour is needed now more than ever.

The services we offer here at Make IT Good are centred around this need.
We can help you minimise your e-waste and save you money, leaving you with more time to make other important business decisions.

IT Hardware Repair

We carry out repairs down to component level whether it’s an Apple computer or Windows PC.It’s much more cost-effective to get it repaired than invest in a new replacement. We can make any device good again.

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IT Refurbishment

Why spend more on new IT when you can max out the return on your investment and minimise your business's environmental impact at the same time.
We can help you salvage from the Good, Bad and the Ugly to refurbish and redeploy within your business.

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Data Erasure & Destruction

Confidential data recycling is a big deal. Hard drives and IT equipment store sensitive information that can only be destroyed using specialist technology. Ensure you and your business are being GDPR compliant with confidential data.

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WEEE Disposal

We provide an easy way of getting rid of all your unwanted IT equipment, however large or small. We make recycling of your redundant IT equipment flexible, simple and most importantly help you meet WEEE legal requirements.

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Managed Deployment

Deployments are time-consuming, labour intensive, and expensive for many organisations. Staging, storing, installing, imaging, asset tagging, and loading applications on hundreds of new units can be a significant drain on internal IT resources.

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Tech Disinfection and Redeployment

Cleaning your IT equipment is incredibly necessary because germs can quickly build up on IT equipment, especially where devices pass through many hands.

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