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The need to go full circle and not to landfill is now

Since 2014 recycling e-waste has been the law. WEEE stands for Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment, which can be anything from chargers and wires, to keyboards, computers and tablets. Basically, anything electronic you can think of.

An old device isn’t ready to give up just because you’ve had your run with it. We can shape it up and pass it on to someone who could really benefit. If it’s seen better days then recycling it the right way means taking less from mother earth. Old is truly gold.

Electronic waste also contains toxic substances and discarding them inappropriately is contaminating our soils, waters, and air. Inevitably this damage comes back around to us because as the saying goes, we get what we put in.

Chuck It In:

  • Laptops
  • Keyboards
  • PCs
  • IT Equipment
  • Printers
  • Network switch
  • Monitors
  • All-in-one PC
  • Servers
  • Projectors
  • Mobile phones
  • Hard drives
  • Tablets
  • Apple computers

We're here to make it easy for you to follow the right legal process and ensure you're compliant when disposing your IT waste. Whether it's a mass disposal for a big team or from multiple departments, we’ve got you covered!

Got a bunch of outdated laptops? Need to dispose of your old Apple Macs? No worries. We also take mobile phones, tablets and can take your wires, chargers and old PCs off your hands to recycle them the right way.

Sort out your e-waste securely, sustainably and in the right way with our straightforward service

  • Easy switch from current provider
  • Amazing customer support
  • Comprehensive certifications
  • Reliable & prompt collection
  • Less to landfill
How we do it

We provide a certified courier collection at a time that suits you.

Your redundant goods are taken to our facility in Watford where we securely remove all data stored on every part of your PC, laptop, and hard drive.

All equipment is sorted between the good, the bad and the ugly. The good parts are refurbished and reused and the parts for disposal get taken to a specialised WEEE recycling facility where they are shredded and recycled to make new products.

Certified documents provided to show that your business has disposed of your e-waste ethically, securely and legally.

Our team is committed to having a zero waste policy, being environmentally-friendly and making a difference to the future of our planet. Join us in our quest to Make IT good for all!

Did You Know?

Fully Vetted Staff

GPS Tracked Fleet

Single Point Collection

Non Sign Written Vehicles

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