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Extending the lifespan of your assets to give you more

Why spend more on buying new IT systems when you can refurbish what you already have? Not to mention that keeping hold of it will save monetary and environmental e-waste costs.

With a little Clint Eastwood inspiration we can help you salvage from the Good, the Bad and the Ugly to refurbish and redeploy devices back into your business.We can extract gold from a remote cemetery…wait, no we can’t, were IT geeks...we use our knowledge of the market to extract all good working parts (yup that’s the gold right there) to refurbish and make devices reusable, instead of them ending up in landfill (yup you guessed it - the cemetery).

Small upgrades such as Microsoft Windows 7 to Windows 10, memory or hard drives to SSD (Solid State Drives) make a big impact on delivering the performance to meet today’s business requirements. We have the capacity to provide mass OS deployment and upgrades on multiple devices at the same time to save you time and money with a speedy turnaround.

  • Maximize return on tech investment
  • Improve staff productivity
  • Easy & flexible collection
  • Reduce your business’ e-waste

Our aim is to give you the same experience when refurbishing your system as you would get when buying new, at a lower price. Everything we refurbish comes with a one year warranty as standard with options to upgrade to two and three years warranty.

How we do it

Inspection of parts
At our facility in Watford, all parts are inspected for obvious damage. We separate the Good and Bad from the Ugly.
We’ll keep hold of the parts we can work on and look at what needs replacing.

Data Erasure
We’ll safely and securely erase all data permanently from data-bearing devices, including monitors, phones, hard drives and everything else in-between.

Cleaning parts
Parts are cleaned and disinfected (inside and out dependant on device) to remove any build-up of dirt, debris, dust and other nasties.

Safely disposing the ‘ugly’
Irrecoverable parts are recycled following the required process at a licensed WEE disposal site. This extracts precious materials.

Refurbishing the ‘good’ parts
We help your business maximise productivity by refurbishing the equipment making it like new.

Did You Know?

Fully Vetted Staff

GPS Tracked Fleet

Single Point Collection

Non Sign Written Vehicles

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