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Look after your computer and it will look after you

Cleaning your IT equipment is incredibly necessary because germs can quickly build up on IT equipment, especially where devices pass through many hands. Dust and dirt accumulates inside and out and food crumbs get stuck in keyboards making it easy for germs to lurk in every crevice. And with our current health situation, sanitising your IT devices before they change hands has never been more important.

Whether you need cleaning of office based IT equipment, or laptops and other devices that remote-based staff are taking off site, our trained technicians can sanitise it ensuring it's fully safe for all.

We incorporate cleaning as part of our Repairing and Refurbishing service as we sanitise all devices after collection and before every delivery, giving you that extra peace of mind.

What we do
  • Clean every piece of IT equipment collected.
  • Use high standard 70% alcohol based disinfectants, sprays and wipes proven to effectively protect against Covid-19 virus, ensuring equipment is clean and sanitised.
  • Air dusters used to remove debris and dust build-up.

Beat the bugs in 5 easy steps:

  • Step 1

    Book your collection now

  • Step 2

    Team collects equipment & takes it back to site

  • Step 3

    Check over your equipment and do our bit to fix it

  • Step 4

    Fully clean and sanitise

  • Step 5

    Return your IT equipment

Did You Know?

Fully Vetted Staff

GPS Tracked Fleet

Single Point Collection

Non Sign Written Vehicles

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