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Revive Your Machines Mojo

Having a device repaired costs a fraction of the price for a new replacement and a huge cost to the environment. 70-80% of the energy consumed by a computer during its lifespan takes place during its manufacture.

There's a myth that water damage to a phone or a cracked screen can't be repaired and would be cheaper to replace. This isn't necessarily the case and there is work that can be done to put it right.

Wherever you are, accidents happen with equipment. Ideally, it won’t but if you do find yourself in tech turmoil (or a slight fluster) Make IT Good can help to get your machine repaired and we can have it ready like new.

Our specialised team has 20 years of IT experience and a heck of a stoic attitude to repair much of what you send our way.

A snapshot of common problems we encounter
  • Cracked Monitor / Screen

  • No Power / Won't Boot

  • Slow Running Machines

  • Broken Power DC Jack

  • Keyboard problems

  • Battery Life / Won't Charge

  • Fan Problems

  • Memory Upgrade

  • Water Damage

  • Hard Drive Issue /
    Data Recovery

We have extensive knowledge and experience of working with Windows and Apple based devices. We have developed over 20 years of knowledge working with all major brands: Dell, Apple, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo, HP and many more. We can complete repairs down to component level using genuine parts for replacement giving you the assurance of quality. So confident are we that all our work comes with a warranty.

  • Cheaper to fix damage
  • Save time & money
  • Reliable & prompt collection
  • Fast & effective booking
  • Fast turnaround

Did You Know?

Fully Vetted Staff

GPS Tracked Fleet

Single Point Collection

Non Sign Written Vehicles

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