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Why buy refurbished?

Any school, charity, community project or non-profit organisation can apply to us for a computer or other tech equipment.

Many companies have already moved towards buying refurbished computers because it gives them more return on their investment. If you have a limited IT budget then it makes sense to do this because:

Your money will go further. Buying a new computer is far more expensive than buying a refurbished one so you make a significant saving.

The quality of a machine outlives its monetary value so high end products can become more affordable.

You can increase how much IT equipment you have because your IT budget will stretch further due to the lower price of a refurbished machine.

You save good quality machines from sitting on a landfill. An incredible amount of energy is used in the manufacture of a computer so by extending its life we save this avoidable cost to our beautiful planet.

What We Supply

Pentium Dual Core to iCore i3 processor

2 to 16 GB RAM

160 to 500 GB HDD (128 for SSD)

Microsoft Office 2010 (optional)

17” to 21” Flat screen monitors

Please be aware that not all computers will have a CD drive, especially newer models

How It Works

All machines are fully wiped clean, repaired where they can be, upgraded and fully tested ensuring that whatever comes your way is of good quality.

We charge a handling fee which starts at £55 per device to cover our refurbishing cost and the cost of sending you the computer. This varies depending on what you need.

You can apply to us for a machine using the form below.

If you would like some further information please contact us on

Did You Know?

Fully Vetted Staff

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